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Introducing the 'Game-Changer'.

JR Drift Trikes have been working extensively with the legendary geared hub manufacturer, Sturmey Archer to bring a drift trike specific, single-speed geared hub to the market. To make things clearer, this hub is geared at 3.8:1 pedal ratio, meaning that for every one full turn of the pedals, the wheel spins nearly 4 times.

During development of our early trikes and using 1:1 pedal hubs, it soon became apparent to us that having a 1:1 pedal system was no great advantage over pegs. It was fine for the pull-away but once travelling 10mph+, the pedals were redundant. We soon got bored of waiting for the steeps and worrying about initiating a drift, killing speed. We knew there had to be a way to make a pedal system that worked. With Sturmey Archer's impressive knowledge and over 100 years experience combined with our constant testing and pedalling we came up with the perfect solution and what we believe will be a must-have for all drift trikes of the future.

So basically, the 'Game-Changer' turns every slight slope into a hill and every regular hill into a mountain. It can be pedalled in between every drift to maintain maximum speed and lets you pedal at 40mph+.

This is the hub of the future. Get involved, don't get left behind.