What does 3.8 GC Turbo mean?
The 3.8 In the name means that every time your pedals do 1 full rotation you wheel does 3.8 rotations (this means you can pedal down big hills and hit warp speed). GC stands for “game changer”, this thing is about to take drift triking into a new level, try one and you’ll see! As for turbo, well it doesn’t technically have a turbo but you’ll be boosting past your buddies with a few cranks of your pedals!

Will the 3.8 GC Turbo forks fit on my trike?
We hope so, if you have a regular 1”1/8th AHeadset type headtube on you frame then you’ll be fine, our steerer tube on our forks is super long so you can cut it down or just use spacers!

Does your Game changer hub have a freewheel?
Yes, of course. Fixed would be no fun on a drift trike!

Does a drift trike help you pick up chicks?
Damn straight, you’re gonna need more memory on your phone for all the extra numbers!